Handmade Hemp Soaps

Leona, hard at work

All of my soaps are at least 4 oz.
Never quite the same way twice but always high quality and a pleasure to experience.
Each of my soaps are $5.50 each or select any four for $20.00.



Seaweed Señorita

Step into your bathing ritual a mere mortal, flop out as your inner mermaid (or merman). Flecks of seaweed gently wash over your skin and scales. Wafts of lemon and saltwater cascade up your gills. Wouldn't sushi hit the spot right now? Si, Señorita!




Doobie-Eyed Madonna Complexion Soap

Perfect for normal to combination skins, this earthy creation contains essential oils of rosemary and geranium to provide the perfect food for your face. Skin like a virgin!




Patchouli! Bless You!

Release your inner hippie with the you-love-it-or-you-hate-it aroma of patchouli - lightly seasoned with a splash of sweet orange. Turn on, tune in, and drop out, Man.




Lavender Silk Dream

Surrender to the calming yet stirring effects of this mother of all essential oils. Plus (very cool plus), a sprig of raw silk is sprinkled into the pot for the silkiest of suds. Love that lavender lather.


Baby Bud



Baby Bud

Sensitive skin? Sensitive nose? Diaper rash? Then you may feel lonely in the shower without Baby Bud! This special soap offers the soothing and healing properties of hemp seed oil as well as calendula-infused olive oil to allow encouragement but little interference as your skin returns itself back to its natural, healthy state. Without any essential oils, this is also the perfect soap for babies - big and little alike!


Asian Orange



Asian Orange

Peppy and delightful, sweet and juicy. Uplifting orange with a hint of lemon will brighten anyone's day. Orange you ready to be swept away?




Wake n Bake

Want a soap in mint condition? Shake off your doze-y layers with the hello! powers of peppermint and spearmint. Poppy seeds are stirred into the brew for an exfoliating experience. Ticklely good times!




Fishermans Bud

Dont fish trip without it! Lovingly infused with anise, this licorice-smelling soap lures the fish to you by masking your human-like scent. Perfect gift for all your outdoorsy friends who bathe once in a while out on expedition for Fishermans Bud (and all Do Be Clean soaps for that matter) is environmentally river-friendly.





This soap was inspired by the founding hempress' husband. It's made to help keep all those Sensitive New Age Guys out there smelling as good as the catch they are. Cedarwood, rosemary, bay, orange and lavender help encompass the sexiness and sometimes moodiness of the Sensitive New Age Guy (or Gal) in your world. Lay it on thick for a nice, clean shave.